Improving the health and wellbeing of men in Scotland

Men Encouraging and Nurturing Self Efficacy to Live life Fully

Providing a mobile men's health
promotion campaign

Accessing health services and appropriate
health related information to men living in Scotland

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The Menself + Mission

MENSELF + (Men (Encouraging and (Nurturing (Self (Efficacy to (Live (life (Fully) offers a range of innovative and relevant educational support services with a view to improving the health and well-being of men in Scotland. We facilitate access to existing Health Services and appropriate health related information to men living in Scotland by providing a mobile Men’s Health Promotion Campaign particularly for those who are suffering ill health as a result of circumstances including relationship issues.

Our main aims

How we achieve these aims

We believe that health programmes and messages need to journey to where men are already gathering, in places such as the workplace, community events or festivals, the pub or sporting venues etc. Research suggests that men tend to engage more in health promotion events when they are attached to other events or places that they are already involved with.

MOT 4 Men Programme

Providing accurate and up to date health related information to men and families through the delivery of a mobile MOT 4 MEN programme.

campaign Promotion

Promoting and supporting relevant and appropriate local, national and global campaigns linked to men’s health.

Developing Partnerships

Developing partnership initiatives with key agencies, organisations and community groups in various localities throughout Scotland.