The Menself + Mot 4 Men

As men regularly take an interest in their cars, and the on-going maintenance of them, the idea behind MOT 4 MEN is to attach this concept of regular mechanical tune-ups to their own health. MOT 4 MEN is run as a series of stations, each involving a quick, simple health check under the concept of a mechanical tune up.

The MOT 4 Men Environment

The MOT 4 MEN environment is non-medical and designed to be comfortable and fun allowing participants to overcome any apprehension that they may have about going to a doctor or presenting with a specific problem. Mobile campaigns can be taken to where the men are already present.

MOT 4 MEN OIL Pressure

MOT 4 Men ProgramME

Our innovative MOT 4 MEN programme can be practiced in any setting to empower people to improve their health. We travel to where men are gathering, in places such as:
– The workplace.
– Community Festivals + Events.
– Sporting events.
– Car or Agricultural shows.

Is your body road-worthy

MOT 4 MEN provides feedback and information to participants in a way that does not constitute medical advice so that participants are encouraged to consult their own GP when problems or risks are identified.

Health check outcomes

Upon completion of the MOT 4 MEN programme participants will have increased their:
– Awareness of the risk of injury and illness.
– Access to relevant information to control their own health and well-being.
– Knowledge on where to seek further medical or relevant professional services.