Community education programmes
for men and families

We have tried and tested male oriented programmes that engage males in activities

that provoke  positive change for them and their families.

Contact us if you require any information on the programmes below:

Renovating Relationships

Men can put a lot of energy and time into their work. This programme challenges men to see the tell-tale cracks and take action by using these same skills to maintain their relationships.

Being a father after seperation

Conventional thinking about separation is that the process involves specific stages which separating parents must manage. Fathering After Separation starts from a different place, by inviting fathers to focus on the relationships they would prefer to have with their children, and uses the platform of the best interests of the child to assist fathers to choose how to respond to separation.

Cotside Assistance

For new dads, this fun programme is based on the concept of a vehicle. Now that you’re a proud father of a new baby, here are a few tips on getting the best performance out of your new model


DRUMBEAT is a highly effective, evidence-based programme which helps 

participants to reduce stress, build self-esteem, increase emotional wellbeing

and improve relationships thereby achieving positive outcomes for people.

Holyoake’s DRUMBEAT is the world’s first structured learning programme 

using African Djembe drums, psychology and neurobiology to reconnect 

with ourselves and others.

Find out more about DRUMBEAT by clicking the link below.